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NOCEA is an active architectural firm since 1999, which has evolved over the years from the IMAGINA SARL structure from January 2000 to IMAGINA ARCHITECTURE SA in April 2004 to become the current structure NOCEA ARCHITECTURE SA in June 2010. Run by the same founders & Associates since its origin, NOCEA aims to continue and expand its activities in the field of design, design and architectural achievement. NOCEA is represented by a team of qualified staff with a capital experience and a broad set of skills in the field of processing and new realization. It offers its services in the area of collective and individual housing, commercial and industrial, institutional. NOCEA is based on an efficient infrastructure that allows it to fully exploit its technical and creative potential. It is part of a group of recognized experts in the field of 3D computer graphics and direction of the work. Aware of the responsibilities associated with the act of building and transform our environment, architecture's approach is based on knowledge to develop novel and effective solutions tailored to each situation and respond individually to each of our customers. The office is also sensitive to the history of the building and the influence of technology on the evolution of architecture. For this, our team is assisted by external experts who are chosen for their skills, and depending on the specifications and requirements of the building.

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